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Park After Dark
When you are granted a magic pen with the ability to rewrite reality, you immediately begin creating your very own theme park...and filling it with sexy princesses!
Manage your time between visiting the girls and growing your park!
Each game update adds new girls, outfits, attractions, upgrades, and of course new scenes! 

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v0.14 Content:

  • Six princesses plus other side-girls!
  • Easily-repeatable high-quality NSFW scenes, all with multiple variations!
  • Lots of unlockable outfits to add even greater scene variation!
  • Interact with classic characters as you play their storylines and sidequests!
  • Build, upgrade, and manage iconic attractions!
  • Drawing Practice minigame!
  • Villains' Tavern drinking minigame!
  • Stat tracker to make sure you don't miss any content!
  • Background music!
  • Bonus achievements!
  • Patron-commissioned image gallery!
  • 7 hours of content!

Park After Dark is is an erotic parody game created as a hobby by fans for fans. It is available for free and always will be.

No endorsements by any company or person parodied is intended or inferred. The law regarding parody is based upon the "fair use" doctrine under the U.S. Copyright Act. Under this doctrine, certain uses of copyrighted works, which would otherwise be considered infringing, are permissible.

All rights belong to their respective owners.
All characters depicted in sexual conduct or in the nude are aged 18 years or older. No actual or identifiable minor was used in the creation of any character depicted herein.
This game contains adult material and is intended for mature audiences only. If you are not 18 (21 in some countries), please quit now.

Updated 10 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorSID Gaming
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsErotic, Management, Parody, princess, theme-park
Average sessionAbout an hour


park_after_dark-0.14b-pc.zip 618 MB
park_after_dark-0.14b-mac.zip 605 MB
park_after_dark-0.14b-linux.tar.bz2 591 MB
com.sidgaming.pad-release.apk 648 MB

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I’m playing the same game on gamesofdesire. com is that the beta version because when I want to buy a drink for Jafar I can’t do it

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How do I get the fully nude outfit for Aurora? Also I'm stuck with Ariel.  I've unlocked her tf scene and her underwater bj scene. Please help as I am unable to progress any further with her. 

You need to remove the cloths of Aurora when she is asleep and use the jerk option after every step to avoid weaking her up, except after removing the sheet. Also I think she must wear a dress. I found the steps in the comments some time ago and don't recall exactly the process.

How do I get into the tower? 

And where is Mulan?

For mulan shes in china town 

and for the tower you have to talk to Jafar in the evil pub

jafar isnt in the evil pub for me

Dont have 4 Jessica Rabbit's scenes, how can I get them?

Schedule at least three girls to the club.

Isn't there a new update?

So, I've played the game to the point where I need the sundrop, but Hook isn't offering the drinking game. What am i missing?

This is a really great game but wish there was princess jasmine and other princesses and will there be more to the game cause i reallyhope there is

Why aren't the latest updates listed here?  

The v0.14 updates so far are beta test updates.  v0.14p will be posted here on 9/25/22.

ok.  Gotcha.

Como faço para colocar alguem pra trabalhar no toon town

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I am missing 4 outfits and 6 scenes for Ariel, 1 scene for Aurora, 4 scenes for Belle, 1 scene for Cinderella, and 4 scenes for Jessica Rabbit.

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Okay, I'm lost. I've spent a few hours trying all sorts of different stuff, and I'm stumped. 

I cannot, for the life of me, get the option to draw Belle, nor can I get any sort of intro to the villains at Big Thunder Mountain or The Land so my Park Rating is tanking despite every other attraction that doesn't require a Princess I assume being built and being fully upgraded.

I've had conversations about scheduling a fireworks show or parade for the park, but the option doesn't appear in my laptop, just summary, attractions, girls, and villains. 

Did I break the game somehow? Was i supposed to get Belle before Jessica Rabbit or something? I can't even finish the dates with Cinderella because the two villains I can't get an intro to are keeping my park rating in the tanks so I can't frigging take her out.

Not all villains are fully implemented.  You don't need to keep clicking on their event triggers if nothing new is happening, the consequences will only be negative.  Use the progress menu to determine if everything is complete or not.

To unlock Belle, you need to make sure you've done everything with Aurora (minus dates, dates do not count towards other unlock progress ever), then talk with Yen Sid until he mentions her.  Everything else should happen from there.


How complete te Cleyton task??

Talk to Yen Sid until he mentions the hyenas he keeps letting loose, then bring it up to Clayton over drinks.

This a pretty good game and more activities cause it gets really tedious to grind, specially the upgrades, and maybe some animations and smoother facial expression. Voice acting would be nice too. And cant wait to see more girls added. 

 Also maybe some events with yensid, those stories he tells are fun and would be cool to do those kind of stuff with him

will the "demo" update or do you need to download

The browser demo is only a very tiny part of the full game.  You should always use the download.  We may be removing the demo soon anyway.

When is the next version coming out?

v0.13p will be released on 7/27.

Really good foundation for a game, and the artwork is nice. Love the concept, and would like to see it expanded on beyond what I feel are the basic princesses. It has a little bit of the "everyone needs a big chest to be attractive" vibe to it, like a lot of these games. A little variety wouldn't hurt it in that department imo. It feels like after two years of development it would have a smoother flow to the base game. There is a lot of repetition in drawing/upgrading things that just amounts to click on the dwarf cave, choose upgrade, go back to your office cycle through 2-5 days, rinse repeat dozens of times. That's not fun, like at all. Sure, you can do other stuff and not rush through it, but honestly there isn't enough content there to fill all of that time day wise, being only able to do one thing per day or night per princess. Why not overcome some of the tedium there with a simple "upgrade all" button, and then just let them upgrade in order over time or whatever. There would still be a lot of cycling through the days just to get it done, but it would take out some of the annoyance of having to click back and forth through the map/menus. Another issue I ran into was the park rating going down to zero and being unable to date the girls. Just something that says "do this to unlock the schedule to bring rating back up" would help. It seems like a weird thing to keep out of reach from players until they jump through all the hoops of unlocking the schedule tab on their own, not even being told it exists. The park rating mechanic as a whole seems pointless outside preventing dates. If it effects money, I didn't notice, but with it being as hard as it is to raise again, I'm glad it doesn't. All that aside though, it's a unique experience and I look forward to future updates!

how to i get my park rating back up

Get onto your computer and go to schedule hosting a parade and fireworks gets your rating up

The discord link is invalid

Must have changed after the last Discord update.  Use this one:

how do you make the stripper club appear on the map because i already talked to peter i fixed the club that costs 15k i already met Jessica i even have the option to put the princesses to work in the club but even with all this the club construction does not appear on the map for me to visit, is there anything I can do to fix this or is this a bug?

It's in ToonTown (like it is in the movie).

you refer to the second map that releases when the player spends 2 million? because if it's the club it doesn't appear there either


Top right in the original park.


Guys need help, how can I repair the cinderella castle?

Talk to Grumpy at the Dwarves mine


I love the game but I'm wondering were to get the artifacts for Helga? 

Click around the different attractions during the day, for the last one talk to Ariel at night.

im stuck on frollo

i'm missing one scene with cinderella, i don't know what i am missing


Hey SID, can you help me how to get laid cloude frolo? I'm stuck right there


thats where im stuck as well 


you need to upgrade the park by having 2 million then build that up get some new villians till you get pete talk to him then grumpy about the stripclub build it then bring him there 




I already did that,but i still have problem to find the strip club and the way to meet jessica, can you help me with that?

did you build it yet (the club)


I still have a problem here, i lost 1 aurora dress, 2 scene of Belle and 1 scene Cinderella how can i get all of that?


did you take belle to the space section yet

cinderella did you take her on a date

aurora did you get her nude outfit 

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How can i get a treasure for Helga and sundrop flower for Gothel


i can help with the sundrop flower, you need to first help hook, after that you'll find out you need to beat hook in a drinking challange in order to get him to bring you one

Hey sid  everytime I open park after dark after around a minute it crashes I'm on android btw

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how do i unlock belle slut outfit im stuck and collect treasure

Hey Sid whats to be expected in the next update

v0.11 is already available for all patron pledge levels.  You can view the changelog here.

Hey Sid i was wondering about the achievement (I can show you the world) I've unlocked all scenes, all outfits, buildings and villain scenes as well done all the repairing and upgrading of buildings and my draw skill us at max all buildings are drawn I just can't figure it out. Any advice would be much appreciated thank you.

If you have all the attractions, you should have unlocked it.  Unless you used cheats to get them.


I havent used any cheats in the game man. 

I need help getting the park rating up, I've upgraded almost everything

Hello, I have installed the game on the PC, cheats are not working at all, where could I find activated one? I'm not subscribed to Patreon.
How can I find all outfits? I'm missing one for Belle and 1 for Aurora.


I'm not subscribed to Patreon.
Cheat codes are patron-exclusive.

Do i have to call mother Gothel mommy to have sex with her or does she not have a scene yet because if it's the first i am so pissed at myself for not saving when that message appeared. Also can Ariel get leg in the future like if you beat Ursula or something

In order, no, no, yes.

Anyone can help me - what after 6th villan's defeat

Can we get more princess in future

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Umm guys could anyone help me I'm missing 3 belle scenes

how do I save it won’t let me?

How can I get belle's last dress?I have a slut outfit,nothing(hair down) princess dress and provincial dress at present.

I need help I got this game from here but the cheats aren't working help pls


Cheat codes are updated with every new version released.

How do get Cinderellas last outfit does anybody know.

My biggest issue is probably "X attraction has broken down" a fair amount, forcing me to use the pixie protection upgrade first. It also seems that visiting the attractions, I get more bad news than anything. This could be a case of lousy RNG (I wouldn't bet against it, I think the RNG gods hate me) but it makes getting the required amount to upgrade the whole park take a long time!

Will I be able to challenge Capt Hook to a drinking contest down the road? Thinking it'd be a challenge to outdrink a pirate!

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